"Line of Style"

This oilpainting called "Dedicated Follower of Romance" is one of the artworks I did for the weekend's upcoming show that I mentioned; Line of Style at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra.

And some words from my rep CWC-i in New York about the artworks for the show:

Gallery Nucleus is holding its first fashion show with "Line of Style" which opens April 3rd, and among the artists are two names who have been continuously involved i the fashion world the recent years: Annika Wester and Stina Persson.
Annika and Stina both sent us previews to us of their new pieces for the show. We love how they demonstrate two original and completely different approaches to fashion illustration.
Annika used a serving tray as her unusual canvas, evoking a hip-vintage vibe that she is celebrated for.